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Kindle Review February 26, 2009

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You may or may not have heard all the hype about the new Kindle released by Amazon. Kindle 2 includes new features that the first didn’t have. I ordered my Kindle about a month before Christmas and finally received it today. Originally, I was set to receive Kindle 1 but due to the overlap of the release of Kindle 2 and my shipping date, they upgraded my order to a Kindle 2 at no charge!

Excellent customer service can be added to the list of pro’s for the new Amazon Kindle. A sleek and comfortable new design replacing an awkward and bulky design can also be marked down. The keyboard is especially easy to use and the controls are also relatively well-placed. Props to Amazon for transforming a virtually (and realistically) unuseful device into a modern innovation.

As soon as I turned it on, it came up with the User Guide right on the front page. This was especially convenient for the less than tech-savvy readers who aren’t sure how to flip the page, let alone access the Amazon store. The Amazon store was also easy to navigate through, though a little difficult to narrow down book selections. You click on Books, and then you are brought to a page where subjects such as Fiction, Nonfiction, Health, etc. are listed. Click on Fiction and you now have 94,000 fiction books to choose from. There is no “Mystery,” “Young Adult,” or “Children’s” subcategories. However, I was able to purchase a few promising books.

Charging the Kindle has also become much more convenient. The cord features one end that connects to the device and one end with a USB port cord and a detachable wall-plug for the end of it. Well-done Amazon.

As soon as I sat down to read my first book, I could really feel the device melt away and all that was there was the story. Corny, yes, but also very true. This was one of their goals as they invented the Kindle, and I believe they have definitely accomplished it. The read was enjoyable and features like adjustable text size and text-to-speech made the experience much more customizable.

So, despite a few flaws, I give the Kindle two big thumbs up. Though it comes with a high price tag, avid readers will save equally as much money from the low book prices and the hours of enjoyment.

Now that I have a few books waiting on my virtual shelf, I promise I will have a few more reviews up ASAP. I have 3 particularly interesting books that are waiting to be devoured this weekend.

Happy reading!


BOOKbeat! February 8, 2009

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Hi everyone,

This is the first ever post for BOOKbeat reviews! My goals in posting on this blog are

1) to broaden your library shelves and

2) to broaden my own.

I hope to provide you with the widest possible variety of books and write honest reviews on books that I’m sure you’ll love.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I am looking forward to reading the stack of books I have piled up for you guys!